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I think many of you at least once faced problem when you write to support with some question or problem, and as a result,
you find yourself in a "waiting room". When you need to wait for an answer for hours, and in the worst cases, for days.
We have always been attentive to your time and have always tried to respond as soon as possible.
As little time as possible passed between your outgoing request and our reply. This is why our service works 24/7.

At the moment, the average response time of our support is 3 and a half minutes. And we want to improve this result.
And to make your waiting time a little more pleasant.

Now, contacting our service, if you do not receive an answer within the first two minutes, we will give you a 15% discount
for purchasing any package.

Please note that this "promotion" only works for the first incoming message. Sometimes there are too many applications
at the same time, and the support simply physically does not have time to answer everyone.
Hope for understanding.

But be sure - if you write "Hello" to us, you will receive an answer instantly. Otherwise, discount on us
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