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chinarings 05-10-2012 03:13 AM

SEO search engine focused on impact
We do search engines SEO optimization, considering all search engine search on our site, the main search outside the station, in fact, the search of our site to enhance the effect of SEO on our site is also verythe key.
Why? The main aspects of analysis
The first station within the search can be very good very rich resources of the inside pages of very rich resources of the inside pages for the optimization of our site, we can find many owned station search weights the site, the search for a keyword will produce a snapshot of the page for a keyword search. The key is to search for keywords within the station can be very rich, you can create a multi-keyword search page.
The second one is very easy search engine crawling search keywords for the site to bring more links to resources, and the station's link within the chain structure is very rich can be very aspects of search engine spiders constantly crawl, like the English learning machine station.
The third is the height of the reorganization of the keyword, this is very critical, because the reorganization of the keywords users search habits, recombination between different keywords are likely to be a new keyword in the search engines will have more keywords resources available.
The fourth search in the station itself has a certain similarity in the algorithm above and search engine, you can achieve some degree of resonance, it is easy to obtain higher weights.

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