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kaptai2013 09-11-2012 03:20 AM

Thinking of replacing and old well established site with new content driven php site
Something like Drupal.....where the content is much more flexible, the navigation is clean and the site uniform

the current site is very well established, lots of indexed pages and and a nice collection of IBL's

But the site is messy, lots of old html pages, with design changes over the years has left the site with a lot of ugly interior pages that all need to be optimized and cleaned up

Even after such a task is completed any future changes will require thousands of individual changes to pages on the site.

This is why I was thinking of going with a content management tool like drupal, or osCommerce or Joomla or even wordpress (although the site already has a blog)

So my questions are:

1. Can I build this new site right over the top of the old one so that all those lovely inbound niche keywords that are bringing me in business will remain live, and vibrant while I am building the new site and when I rebuild that page in the new content driven site, 301 redirect to the new page?

2. Which of the above programs would you suggest, or would you suggest another

3. Is there a critical flaw in my thinking that will booger me and cause me to lose my indexed pages and long tail keyword links.

4. Will 301 redirecting to the new page, cause whatever IBL that are linked to the page to be forwarded to the new page. 90% of all my IBL's are coming to my index.html page and I would prefer not to lose them

Part of me is thinking I should install this new system in a seperate hosting account and copy over the content I want to keep from the old into the new then simply point the domain name to the new account.....and part of me really doesn't want to transfer the database of the blog

Thanks in advance guys, your input is greatly appreciated - I am floundering with the best way to replace this old much and flawed html site without losing any of the traffic that is keeping the business doors open....there must be no interruption.

sofiaireney 12-05-2016 05:59 AM

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