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Peowdie 09-01-2020 07:41 AM

Your thoughts on my website?
Howdy reader.

This is my 3rd attempt at a post that hopefully doesn't get flagged for having a bad word, whatever word that would be. My first attempt also ended in me adding a new domain to my site, which is what you get here.

I'm looking for some feedback and thoughts on a project I made based entirely on a joke possibly taken too far.

The project/site is a link shortening service, running on a bought script which also puts some limitation to the customization as it's limited to my own PHP knowledge.

There's a link to the site riiiight here ->

It would not allow the link, nothing wrong with it, but it's labeled bad for some reason. Click the link in my signature instead, that's apparently perfectly fine!

ANYWHO, btlnk and the full name is available for the shortening, so a fun name and a "proper" short url name.

What I'm looking for is some feedback on the color schemes, the buttons, the overall feel I guess. And also if possible, some thoughts on what it would take for you to use it over one of the current established services.

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